Reinstall Debian init.d scripts into default runlevels

The following zsh snippet allows you to re-install any missing startup/init.d links.

This can be useful/required when e.g. installing an upstart based distribution (like Ubuntu Lucid) has removed some of those, and you want them back after downgrading to Hardy or switching to Debian testing (like I just did).
(apt-get install --reinstall won't bring back those links; you would have to purge (apt-get purge) and reinstall the package instead, removing any other configuration of the package though)

It basically looks for any init scripts that are not present in /etc/rc?.d/S* and then looks at the packages' postinstallation script for an update-rc.d command.

It will not install anything, but only output them (and allows you to pipe it into "sh" for execution).

Worked fine on my "messed up" system, but has rather odd results on my Maverick desktop.


for i in /etc/init.d/* ; do
    a=( /etc/rc?.d/S*$i:t(N) );
    ((${#a})) && continue;
    package=$(dpkg -S $i 2>/dev/null |cut -d: -f1);
    [[ -z $package ]] && continue;
    echo "# $i: $package";
    grep "update-rc\.d $i:t" /var/lib/dpkg/info/$package.postinst;

(in case you need to extract the init script altogether, the following might help for starters:
dpkg-deb --extract /var/cache/apt/archives/$PACKAGE.deb /tmp/foo.)



Baltrum - Nordseeinsel

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"La seule façon d'accomplir est d'être." Lao Tzu

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